Thursday, April 1, 2021

Bad Kitty!


Friday (April 1, 1977)

Dear Robin

John Boy got a very hard spanking this morning. I had two beautiful red roses in a vase and he turned it over for the second time.

It's been quiet around here this week. I played golf Wednesday and yesterday Lolly stayed all day with me.

I mailed your doll Monday and I hope it got there O.K. Your plant is looking fine.

I talked to Brandon Sunday - they are all fine.

I hate to waste a stamp on such a short letter but I just don't have anything else to write about.



Wow, a whole month since her last letter, but there's a reason - I was home a week for spring break in March. Actually, there was another letter that I've skipped - it was even shorter than this one and only talked about banking issues - no family (or pet) news.

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Lisa said...

That letter was indeed short and sweet. I laughed about the kitty getting a spanking!