Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Halloween care package

Wednesday October 27, 1976

Dear Robin

I thought since I didn't send you a package on your birthday I'd send you a treat for Halloween.

Donna spent the night with me Monday. She had to bring Miss Stacey to the hospital for some tests and then do a lot of errands for her yesterday. I went with her and we ran around all day. She went home last night but probably had to come back and get Miss Stacey today.

I hope you like the cookies.



Cookies! Homemade Halloween cut-out cookies! What a treat that was. These are the actual cookie cutters she used. If you look for them online they are now referred to as "vintage" Hallmark Halloween cookie cutters. I guess they are. I must be vintage now, too. 

And here's the recipe, which she sent to me in February of 1978. I guess the cookies made a lasting impression. I wonder if I have all the ingredients to make them right now? I think I do!

Sugar Cookies

350*                8 min.             3 Dozen

2 1/2 cups sifted all purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter or margarine

1 1/4 cups sugar

1 egg

2 teaspoons vanilla

Sift flour and salt.

Beat butter, sugar, egg and vanilla until fluffy.

Stir in flour to make a stiff dough

Wrap in wax paper and chill 3 hrs.

Roll 1/4 at a time on lightly floured board. Cut as desired, put on ungreased cookie sheet - bake.

This is the recipe I used for the Halloween cookies.

I also remember that I took one of the cookies - a cat, I'm sure - and painted it with clear nail polish so it would "keep" and attached a string to it and hung it in my dorm room. Weirdo!

I'm not sure what she means when she says she didn't send me a package for my birthday. I know she sent me a gift - winter gloves and a scarf. I guess maybe she means she didn't send me any treats, like these cookies. My mouth is watering. If I make them today I'll eat them all by myself. I'd better wait until the weekend when our daughter and fiancĂ© are here so I'll have someone to share them with.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Texas Open

Monday October 18, 1976

Dear Robin

I've had a busy weekend at the Texas Open. Lorelai and Mitch gave me a ticket and took me out Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was windy and a little cool but yesterday was beautiful. The golf was exciting and had a play off and everything. I made some sandwiches (pimiento and cheese on homemade rye bread) to eat out there and when it was over Mitch got some chicken and slaw at Earl Abel's and we went to their house for supper. They both said to tell you hello for them.

Nora and Lolly were here Friday. Nora met Bobby at noon to pick out a birthday present for her. He bought her a big stereo. I didn't see it but she said it is larger than mine. He is going to be out of town all this week so I may go out and stay a night or two with her.

Betsy has got a teaching job. It is a San Antonio district school and is somewhere near Fort Sam. She thinks she is going to like it and they moved back to town. They got a house in the Glen which is near Windcrest.

I'm mailing your birthday present today - I hope it gets there in time and I hope you like it.

I took your check to First Fed this morning. Now I have to go to the post office.



This letter's envelope was packed with news clippings about the Texas Open. It must have been a pretty exciting tournament. One of the most interesting clippings was the leaderboard - which shared how much of the $125,000 purse each finisher received. Butch Baird, the winner, got $25,000 for his efforts. Tom Kite finished tied for 9th and earned $850. The last-place finisher took home $219. In the 2019 Valero Texas Open Corey Connors won $1,350,000!!!!! The ninth place finishers won $90,000 and the last place finisher earned a little over $15,000. Wow.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Glad you're not here

Thursday October 14, 1976

Dear Robin

It really was good to get to talk to you. I miss you very much but I don't wish you were here - that sounds funny but I think it's wonderful that you are having the experience of going to college. I often have wished that I had had enough gumption to have made more of an effort to go.

I picked up Ben about 7 o'clock Monday morning. Nora had everything ready to start fishing when we got there. We didn't catch much. Nora did catch a nice big catfish. We had a wonderful day and Ben seemed to enjoy it a lot. We took him home about 6. Nora and I fished almost all day Tuesday. She caught 2 nice bass and I caught 1. She is ahead of me now so I have to go back soon and see if I can beat her.

I've been working in the yard some and I finally started painting that old chest of drawers. As soon as I get the sewing 'chine room fixed up I'm going to sew all the time - well maybe most of the time.

I cut a big bunch of zinnias this morning. I have my green pitcher full and they are so colorful but I guess John Boy and I will fight over them all day.

Well I want to get this out before the mailman comes by.



Among her many other accomplishments, my mother could grow anything. She loved growing flowers the most, though. I can't match her zinnias. Mine get powdery mildew and the leaves turn brown and shrivel up. I've done pretty well with morning glories this year, though. My daughter took this picture when she was over today. There are tons more buds on the plants.

Mother loved trying any new plant she could find. Once she had a load of dirt delivered by a local plant nursery. She had put some of it in a planter she was going to buy plants for, but she noticed after a few days that something was sprouting in the planter. She later told me that it was such a pretty little plant with the prettiest leaves that she couldn't bear to pull it out and she was curious about what it might be - that is, she was curious until she read in the newspaper about a raid the police had made on a marijuana growing operation - complete with pictures of pretty plants that looked a lot like her little seedling! She was mortified and yanked that seedling up super quick and cut it into a million pieces, she said.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

High tech cooking

Can you imagine inviting someone over to your house because you have a new microwave oven? That was an exciting event in 1976, I guess.

Friday (October 8, 1976)

Dear Robin,

I surely was glad to get a letter from you yesterday - it had been so long I was getting worried.

I have been at Lisa's all morning. I went over to see her new microwave oven and stayed to watch her decorate Karly's birthday cake. She is taking a cake decorating course at Scrivener's. The one she is making is Holly Hobbie and it is so cute. We went to a shop that sells everything you can imagine for cakes. I got a set that has a small Holly Hobbie pan, bowl, mix for cake and icing, pastry bag and tips, spatula and spoon for Karly's birthday present.

If the weather is good Monday morning I'm going to get Ben and we are going to Nora's to fish. We will take him home in the evening but I will probably stay all night. 

The apartment idea sounds good as long as you realize how much more work it will be - like cooking, cleaning and washing dishes.

It really got cold here this morning. We have had some rain and also some beautiful weather.

I've got to go get some stamps and a few groceries.



Do you know anything about Holly Hobbie? She was big in the 70s - there were dolls, greeting cards, books.... I just learned that the artist who drew the old-fashioned girl in the big blue bonnet and patchwork pinafore was actually named Holly Hobbie herself. Apparently there's a new version of Holly Hobbie - who knew? So now there's "new" HH and "classic" HH.

Mom made several of her granddaughters their own Hollie Hobbie dolls. I wonder if any of them still have theirs. She made me one, too, for my dorm room. I was supposed to imagine it telling me, "Study, study, study," every time I looked at it. In the mid 1980s we had a puppy who chewed on poor Holly's head and  in 1996 my husband and daughter and I moved from Alabama back to Texas and it was packed in a box with a gallon jug of distilled water. When I unpacked the box I found that the water had opened and spilled and the doll was ruined by mold. I was devastated. I was able to rescue the dress and bonnet, though. I have the pattern she used and I keep saying that someday I'm going to make another doll, but...I don't know. It wouldn't be the same.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Still making the scene

Saturday (October 2, 1976)

Dear Robin,

We are having some beautiful weather - I can hardly stay in the house. However if I go outside I see how badly the grass needs mowing and I don't want to do that.

One day this week Lisa and Grant and I went shopping and Lisa had to go to Music Mart on Blanco to get a book for Kim - on the way we stopped in to see Dee and Howard. We all went to brunch together. They are fine and Howard looks really good.

I played golf Wednesday with Myra and Lorelei. I didn't do so bad and even had a birdie. I think I might buy me a season ticket to the Texas Open.

I hope Julie and Lulu both visit you. Julie said she thought she would but she seems to have so many things going I don't see how she does it all and has any time to study. 

It must be the cool weather, I don't know what else has go in to these cats. They had the wildest running and playing spree ever last night and they are at it again this morning. John Boy still wants to play ball but I don't play with him very often.

I guess I'd better get dressed and water my plants. I hope a get a letter today.