Friday, January 29, 2021


 Saturday (January 29, 1977)

Dear Robin,

Valerie had a little girl Thursday evening about 8 o'clock. She weighed 7 pounds and they named her Janice Marlene. They are all doing fine. I'm going to try to go out and see her real soon.

I think I filled out this paper right. It wasn't easy because in 1975 the checks came to me part of the year. I counted as my income through September what we got together and mine alone for Oct., Nov. and Dec. because your checks started then. If this confuses you - it does me too. Your income for 1975 would be only what you got for Oct., Nov. and Dec.

I just had a visit by the cookie sellers. Callie and Karly are both selling. I got a couple of boxes from each and since no one else had been here they went down part of our street and sold all they had with them.

Lorelei and I played golf Thursday. It was a beautiful day and I played pretty good - I even chipped in from off the green for a birdie. Myra and Howard have gone on a Caribbean cruise. I think it is for about two weeks.

I talked to Theresa yesterday. She has been staying in Houston most of the time. Fred is not expected to live much longer. He is in the hospital all the time now.

Have you been watching "Roots?" I read in the paper this morning that it is going to surpass anything else that has ever been on television - that is for the number of people watching. I don't even fall asleep while it is on. 

I guess I'd better get ready to go to the post office.



Sounds like she was filling out some financial aid paperwork for me. When she talks about our "income" it's because we both received social security survivor benefits. My dad died when I was nine. I never would have been able to afford college if it had not been for social security. I received a monthly check of around $250 until I graduated. My last check arrived the week after I graduated from college and I used it to buy a plane ticket to visit my boyfriend who had moved to Arizona!

Theresa was my mom's good friend. Fred was her son and was dying of cancer. He was a church organist among other things.

You know, I've never actually seen all of "Roots." Maybe I'll see if it's binge-able anywhere. Or I could read the book, I guess. She probably had read the book already, She read a lot and at one time had wanted to become a librarian.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

January News

 Monday (January 24, 1977)

Dear Robin

I just had my picture taken but don't be so surprised it was for my driver's license.

I'm glad you got classes that you like so now get to work.

Everything has been as dull as usual around here. I think my cold is on the way out now.

I haven't heard any more about Valerie. She was to go to the hospital last Monday morning but I guess she didn't. Brandon promised to call and I haven't heard from him.

I miss having Lolly here. Nora says she is doing fine. Jody had to work almost all last week so she took Lolly and her little girl to the nursery at Bandera. Every day Lolly said they had rice, pegetti and beans. 

That girl on channel 12 news at noon's last name is Vierville and the news man is Quinn Matthews. He is young and has a baby face.

How about Tom Watson winning the Crosby? Right at the last I thought sure he was going to blow it.

I haven't heard a word from Gary and Donna. Guess I should call and see how they are. I'd like to go down there

Doug and Betsy went up and checked on the lake house. As soon as the weather gets better I want to go up there and work on the yard some. For that matter I have a lot of yard work to do here at home. The sun is shining today but it is windy and a little cool.

My stomach is growling because it's empty so I think I'll go see what I can find to eat.



Since she mentioned having her picture taken, I guess it's time to throw in a picture of my mom. Of course, this one was taken way before 1977. Probably around 1935-ish I would say. She would be mortified to know I was posting this particular picture, but it's my absolute all-time favorite picture of her, and she's not here to protest, so here it is.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Chickens, bread, a parakeet and a new plumber in the family

Just the normal family news. I would love some chocolate raisin nut loaf about now.

Sunday (January 16, 1977)

Dear Robin

I haven't had time to write to you any sooner as I've been rather busy.

Thursday morning Bobby brought Lolly and Marky by on his way to work. He picked them up on his way home then brought them back Friday morning and they came back after them Saturday evening about 7:30.

Trina won fifth place with her chickens and fifth place with her quick bread entry. She got a little over $70 for both. She made a chocolate raisin nut loaf. I had a piece of the trial one she made and it was real good. Her five chickens that she entered weighed over 23 pounds and the heaviest ones there weighed only 25. The entries were from first grade through seniors from Bandera and Medina. I think Nora said there were around 300 chickens entered.

John Boy was a big help in taking care of the kids - he took the nipple off Marky's bottle down off the drain twice. He and Jim spend a lot of time at the back door watching the birds at the feeder. You will never guess what kind of bird was there all afternoon one day - a beautiful green parakeet.

Doug called to tell me he passed his test this time. He now has his journeyman's license and should be able to make more money.

Well this old mother's cupboard is very bare so I have to go to the store. Write soon.



Monday, January 18, 2021

Back at school

 Tuesday (January 11, 1977)

Dear Robin

I haven't been out of the house since you left - my cold has been pretty bad. It's not much better but I'll have to go to the store and get cat food. The cats don't much like grits.

I can get the money for you but I don't know how much you need and I can't find that deposit slip you sent me before.

The day you left Nora was on the way over here after work and down on Sunset a lady came out of a driveway and ran into her. It messed up her new car and upset her quite a bit. She was too nervous to drive home so she and Lolly stayed here that night.

I'm working on filling out that paper you left. As soon as I can determine how much Social Security we got in 1975 I'll send it to you.

It's very windy here today but I guess I'd better brace myself and go on out.



I can relate. Nothing drives me to the grocery store quicker than being out of cat food.