Thursday, April 29, 2021

Last post of the semester

Well, here it is - the last letter she sent me during my first year away from home. In a couple of weeks I'll be home for the summer. 

It was a great year for me, even if my classes were not my first priority! I had a lot of fun, made some good friends, and had my first taste of independence after growing up in an ultra-protective environment. The next year, and especially the year after, will bring some hard questions and real challenges to my life - mostly good, but some not. so. much. How much of that will I reveal to my mother? Probably not very much.

Friday (April 29, 1977)

Dear Robin,

We had an awfully big rain Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning but when it stopped I floated over to First Federal and the bank. I deposited $75.00 for you. It's a while until your check comes again so I thought you might need extra.

I'm sorry if I came on a little strong about how much money you spend. I realize you didn't take any out of savings for this semester so I guess you really have done very well. Anyway, this fall you won't need to buy as many things as you did last time. And we are going to get a raise in July. Every little bit helps.

Yesterday I went with Lisa and Grant to do some running around. We had lunch at Luby's and then we went by to see their house. It's really coming along.

Early in the morning Doug and Betsy and I are going to the lake and stay until Sunday. We are going to try to get things fixed up a little. When school is out we plan to try to get the whole family up there for a weekend. Gary said they would come.

Today is a beautiful day and it's supposed to stay this way for a few days.

I'm waiting for Nora. We are going out to have some Mexican food for lunch.



You have about $380.00 left at First Fed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wedding bells, but not for me

Tuesday (April 19, 1977)

Dear Robin,

I just got back from Cotulla. Donna was in Thursday and I went home with her. She and Gary brought me back today. I've had a wonderful time. It rained a lot and Gary was working cattle but I enjoyed it all. Saturday afternoon Donna and I went to Laredo for Miss Stacey and that was a nice drive.

Have you heard from Julie? If so I guess you know all about her being engaged. I didn't see her of course but I did meet Stan. He is a nice looking man and seems friendly and nice. He is a deputy sheriff. Julie is going to go to school one more year so the wedding will be next June but Donna is already making plans. They like Stan very much.

It's getting closer to time for you to come home. I'll be glad. I hope we can spend some time at the lake. Then we'll do some cleaning and painting around here and then a lot of sewing to get you ready for school again.

Right now I have to try to get this yard cut. It rained while I was gone and the grass is growing like crazy. My garden is growing nicely, too. I've got a lot to do.



The year is winding down. Sounds like she's got my summer all planned! From what I remember, I did take a class or two at the community college that summer and I'm sure there was sewing involved. I remember going to the lake house, but I have no recollection of any cleaning and painting!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Some things aren't worth remembering!

 Wednesday April 13,1977

Dear Robin,

I just got your letter and no, I don't want another son-in-law at this particular time. I don't think I'll ever want one (even a kind of rich one) who almost proposes on the first date. It makes me wonder what sort of guy he is. I've always said, though, that if I haven't taught my children something about choosing friends by the time they are your age then it is too late to start.

I washed the car yesterday so of course it's raining today. The yard needs rain but it does look pretty good. My tomato plants are starting to blossom. The sweetheart rose is full of blooms.

Lila and John Monfrey are in a run off for mayor. The election is Saturday, They have been throwing a lot of mud around.

I hope you get things worked out so you can come home when Sharon comes. If it is necessary of course I can always come after you. When I think about it this year seems to be going very fast.



Oh, my goodness. How well I remember this blind date a friend in the dorm arranged for me with a guy from her home town. It was the worst date ever! We went to dinner at a steak house. He was rude to the waitress the whole time. We were then supposed to go to see the movie "Rocky" but he thought the line to get in was too long. So we drove around Lubbock for two hours, and he asked me all kinds of questions about my major and what I wanted to do with my life and every time I would answer he would excitedly say, "That's just exactly what I would want my wife to do." I could not get back to my dorm soon enough. I was conveniently "not home" for his next few calls and I guess he got the hint, or our mutual friend told him to back off. She told me later that he was "broken-hearted." Yeah, I'll bet. I just remembered that his car had been stolen at some point and was part of a high-speed chase. When he got it back, it had several bullet holes which he never got fixed - I guess he thought they were cool.

I still have never seen "Rocky."

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Bad Kitty!


Friday (April 1, 1977)

Dear Robin

John Boy got a very hard spanking this morning. I had two beautiful red roses in a vase and he turned it over for the second time.

It's been quiet around here this week. I played golf Wednesday and yesterday Lolly stayed all day with me.

I mailed your doll Monday and I hope it got there O.K. Your plant is looking fine.

I talked to Brandon Sunday - they are all fine.

I hate to waste a stamp on such a short letter but I just don't have anything else to write about.



Wow, a whole month since her last letter, but there's a reason - I was home a week for spring break in March. Actually, there was another letter that I've skipped - it was even shorter than this one and only talked about banking issues - no family (or pet) news.