Friday, July 25, 2014

My view, my world

Ingredients for a great morning.

This is actually two projects, the We All Sew Churn Dash and some bow tie blocks I'm making.  I was cruising Google Images on my lunch hour the other day, looking at bow tie quilts and came across a wonderful one.  Well, many wonderful ones, but this one really caught my eye.  I decided that the best way to clear off the solid and bright/floral/geometric scraps that had accumulated on my cutting table would be to make them all into bow tie blocks.  Best way, not fastest way. 

I'm still working on the hand-quilting of the Churn Dash restoration.  I use the blue water erasable pen to mark the Baptist Fan arcs, so I'm ultra-careful to spray them down with water, really soak them through and through, as soon as I get one set of arcs finished.  Then I've got some time to wait while it dries so I pick up these other projects.  I guess I could go downstairs and clean house or do laundry, but why, really?

I'm off this Friday and next; these are the last of the summer four-day work weeks.  I could definitely do this year-round.

My coffee cup appears empty, so I guess I will have to go downstairs.  I think I need one of those little Keurigs to keep in the sewing room.