Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday afternoon fun

Took a short break from my latest restoration quilt (which is really giving me fits) to make this little bitty Halloween banner.  It's about 6 inches by maybe 14 inches.  I'm on a clean out and clear out kick and I was going through one of my couple of, several, numerous Rubbermaid tubs of fabric and found this Halloween print of the costumed teddy bears.  Have absolutely NO remembrance of purchasing it, but apparently I even made something out of it, because it had big chunks cut out of it.  I must have made something for Grace when she was little.

Anyway, I was going to cut it into strips for the strip bins, but these little guys were too cute to slice in pieces (although, since we're talking about Halloween, it would be somewhat appropriate!).  Threw some other Halloween prints (that I do remember purchasing) in the mix and out came this little banner.  Or table runner for a teeny, tiny little table.

Can't decide where to display it.  Might take it to work and decorate my office with it.  But then I might stare at it all day while wishing I was home making more.

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