Saturday, May 16, 2009

More new stuff and a finish

First, the finish. I pieced this Quilt-In-A-Day table runner months ago and wondered when I'd ever have time to hand-quilt it. With my new Elna, I didn't have to hand-quilt it. I pulled it out last week and finished it in time to donate it to the silent auction for my daughter's choir this week. For my first attempt at "real" machine quilting, I'm super happy with it. I just hope someone bids on it!

I bought this cute pink bathroom shelf at the antique mall where I won the windmill plate. I love it!

This book rack is not new, more like new-ish, but until last week the sewing room wasn't clean enough to photograph it!

The local JoAnn Fabrics was closing and sold all their fixtures, as well. I bought this Leisure Arts book rack for a song. It takes up more room than I'd like, but I enjoy having some of my books out where I can see them, instead of on a shelf in the closet.


Jackie said...

People will certainly bid on your table runner. It's bright and cheerful! Just gorgeous!

creative breathing said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Creative Breathing! I am so happy to meet you. Your craft room is lovely. Thank you so much for entering my giveaway. Please check back on Thursday, and I will post the winner! Elizabeth

Karen said...

I would bid on your table runner. It is wonderful! :) Love the rack for your books and your new sewing machine looks like a beauty.