Saturday, August 13, 2016

It grows and grows!

This is my grandmother's flower garden that I've been working on for a couple of years.  I love English Paper Piecing.  The last time I posted a picture it looked like this:

Quite a difference!  I had this quilt on the design wall for the longest time, until one day when our exterminator came by for his quarterly service appointment.  He came downstairs and grinned at me and said, "So, I see you're still working on that same quilt."  Apparently he had several quilters on his regular route and knew the routine well!

This is the project I usually take along on trips because EPP is so portable.  Because of that, I try to go by a quilt shop wherever we are and buy some fabric that represents that place.  You can see on the border the little red, white and blue saleboat from a trip to the coast.  (That's what we Texans say when we're going to the Gulf Coast of Texas - we just call it "the coast."  I've also got some other "symbolic" stuff worked in - music, holidays, names, words, animals, Texas.  I have really, really old fabric and brand new fabric.  I just finished a strawberry flower because my husband is now pastoring in Poteet, which is the strawberry capital of Texas!


Debra Anger said...

Your GFG looks absolutely fabulous, yes this is one of the quilts that are a true labour of love. It is so worth it! thanks for sharing

Lisa said...

Looking at that quilt makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside -- it looks like something my grandmother would have quilted!!

Quiltbirdie said...

Thanks Debra and Lisa!