Friday, June 22, 2012

Today's harvest

Here's today's harvest - four cucumbers, three tomatoes and a bunch of green beans.  Not too bad from a tiny container garden.  I've been picking cucumbers like mad.  Maybe I'll send Dave around to the neighbors with these, because there are several in the refrigerator still.

On Wednesday we had a going-away party for our academic vice president.  She's going to be a college president in a certain city in the northwest that's known for its "green-ness" so we had a very green-themed party.  It was also a play on the idea that she's leaving for "greener" pastures.  I completely forgot to take my camera.  I was in charge of the punch.  I made mojito punch (non-alcoholic, of course).  I used the Crystal Light mojito flavored drink - this is not a paid commercial from them in any way, but their new drinks are delicious (margarita is my favorite so far).  I mixed up a batch and added mint leaves, lime slices, Sprite and crushed ice to the punch bowl and everyone loved it.  They drained the punch bowl twice (we had about 100 people).

I made some of the food we served (others were in charge of the cake and decorating).  I cut up cucumbers and green peppers from the garden and put them on a tray with broccoli, snow peas and celery and made green goddess dip.  We had two green jello-type salads.  We had chicken salad roll-ups in green tortillas, of course, green frosted cookies and every green jelly bean Jelly Belly makes.  I found three different kinds of green veggie chips and served them with guacamole and also had pickles and green olives.  It was very green in that room!  The decorators used three shades of green tablecloths and a million green balloons around the room.

We're into our summer schedule of four-day work weeks.  I love it.  Today I plan to hand-quilt most of the day with possibly some time out to go get a pedicure (one of my favorite "self-care" treats).

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