Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun stuff

I have this old wooden bowl that I love that we found when we closed up my in-laws' house a number of years ago (I know the number, I just don't want to admit how many years it has been!). I decided to make some Christmassy rag balls for a decoration on the organ bench that we use as a table in our foyer. I think that starting with styrofoam balls is cheating a bit but it serves two good purposes: it makes the balls really round and you need less fabric.

One of our deans gave me cookie cutters for Christmas, so I threw them in the bowl as well. Fun, cute, fast and cheap. Four of my favorite things

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mereth said...

The rag balls look very decorative and pretty easy to do. Last year we had a small tree decorated with cookie cutters and kitchen gadgets and it was really cute. All your cookies look yummy, I haven't baked any yet.