Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EQ 7

My birthday is a couple of weeks away and my family has been hounding me for hints. I mentioned a few things. Remember, I don't mind gifts with cords, so I suggested a stick blender. Not very romantic, but I'd really like to have one. I'd like a new camera, as well, but what I want is sort of off-budget for right now.

And then I saw it. The Quilt in a Day store posted on Facebook that they were having a smoking hot deal on EQ7! I hopped over to their website and found out what the price was and texted my spouse and child immediately, "I know exactly what I want for my birthday." Hubby complied (such a sweetie!)

I can't wait until it arrives. By the time I saw the deal and he called to order, it was already on backorder, so it will not arrive until close to my birthday. I love having something to look forward to!

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Lisa said...

What is an EQ7? I could google it but thought I would ask!!