Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our new friend and family member

This is our newest family member, Napoleon. We adopted him from a local shelter in October. Isn't he the cutest? Smart, too. He sleeps in the laundry "room" (more of a laundry hallway, actually). A few nights ago he learned how to open the pocket door from his sleeping area to the rest of the house. He was quite proud of himself. He's a shepherd mix, very tall and lanky. His favorite hobbies are chewing on rawhide and watching Dogs 101 on Animal Planet. Seriously! When the show is on he will sit in front of the TV the whole time, just watching the dogs on the screen.

A few nights ago he ran out the front door at the same time our neighbors had their three dogs in their front yard. The only way to get Napoleon back in our house was to have all four dogs come in! It was quite a scene.


ooglebloops said...

Sooo cute!! Congratulations!!!

Karen said...

What a beautiful!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!