Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Superstar Evening

Last night we went to see the touring production of Jesus Christ, Superstar. My husband and I have a lot of memories of the show, being "children of the 70's" as we are. My dh once played Herod in a local production and I remember playing the Broadway cast albums over and over and over until I knew every word of every song from start to finish. When we saw it was coming to our town we decided to take our daughter, who has never seen it. Then when we saw that Ted Neeley was playing Jesus - Ted Neeley who played Jesus in 1972 - Ted Neeley who is now 65-years-old - I wasn't sure I wanted to go, but we did - and it was pretty good, better than I expected. His voice wasn't smooth, but it was powerful. Makes we want to hunt up my albums and play them.

On the stitching front I finished another of the embroidered blocks for Sandy Brawner's Cake Walk quilt that my LQS is doing as a BOM.

A little while ago I made this cute bird that I saw on Kama's cute blog this morning. You can find the pattern from these nice people.

Being Quiltbirdie I just had to make one! I made it for my DD, who loves home-crafted surprises.


Argi said...

Hello from Macedonia, Greece
Interesting Blog

Karen said...

Pretty block and the bird is very cute.