Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Rose

Here's my latest "finish" - the Baby Rose (yet to be quilted) from Jo's Little Women series 7 is done! Question: When you finish something, do you feel compelled to clean your sewing space? I do. It's hard for me to go directly from a finish to a start (or a restart as the case usually is) without cleaning the sewing room first.
I love the color variety in this. Haven't figured out how to quilt it yet.


MARCIE said...

That is a beauty! Nice job! I am with you on the sewing room quandry. My solution is if there are scraps laying around, sew them into the next quilting project. It seems to work as well as any other! LOL!

Karen said...

Your Baby Rose is just beautiful!

Wow! Working on projects for the McCall's Needlework magazine, how fun is that? I would love that kind of job.

I like how you organized all your patterns. I set up a little system last year, but since then, a pile of patterns pulled from magazines, has been building and quilt books seem to be all over the place. So, last night (for about 4 hours) I put everything in it's place. It's like a fresh start.

I agree with you that American Patchwork & Quilting is the better magazine.

Lucy said...

Ohh my, this is beautiful!!